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Meteorological information through touch-screen interactive display system

The Dartcom MITTS system provides a quick, accessible, easy-to-use way of viewing images and animations using a simple, touch-screen interface. By linking to Dartcom image capture systems for the types of data required, MITTS lets users view and explore the latest weather satellite images and animations from all parts of the globe, including Europe, the USA and the Far East.

MITTS is client-configurable, allowing up to twelve different images and animations to be specified. All fonts, colours, pictures, icons and text can be changed according to requirements, even whilst the system is on-line. Images and animations are automatically updated as new data is received by the optional image capture systems.

MITTS is ideal for use in museums, tourist centres, travel agencies, operational meteorological briefing stations and airports, for example.

->Software features

->Customisation and specifications

Welcome screen

Welcome screen with customisable appearance and layout

Image viewing screen

Image viewing screen

Features of the Dartcom MITTS system include:

  • Intuitive user interface with large, clear icons.
  • On-line help available instantly at all times.
  • Panning, scrolling, magnification, reduction and printing (if specified) of images.
  • Automatic updating of images and animations with the latest data, even whilst on-screen.
  • Custom images and animations can be specified according to customer requirements.
  • All visual aspects client-configurable.
  • Ideally suited to multi-terminal network use.
  • Remote configuration of MITTS terminals from any computer on the network.