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GOES variable format image acquisition, display and processing system

The Dartcom GVAR system is a high-performance, high-reliability solution for ingesting GVAR data from GOES satellites in real-time. It provides full display and processing facilities for the resulting infra-red, visible and water vapour images.


->Dartcom iDAP/MacroPro software

GVAR image of Hurricane Frances

Dartcom GVAR Ingester software

Dartcom GVAR Ingester software

Colour composite multi-plane GVAR image showing Hurricane Frances passing the Windward and Leeward islands

Key features of the Dartcom GVAR system are:

  • Supports GVAR data from GOES 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 with automatic detection during ingest.
  • Optional GOES LRIT module and software.
  • High-resolution digital data (0.8km visible, 4km infra-red) with calibrated temperature read-outs from infra-red images.
  • Easy installation, with the antenna mounted on a single post and one cable feed to the receiver.
  • Direct read-out of the GVAR data stream for interference-free images.
  • Data transferred from the receiver to the computer via a 12Mbit/s USB connection to ensure high speed and data integrity.
  • High-quality, high-reliability equipment for trouble-free, long-term, continuous operation.
  • Fully automatic Windows-based Dartcom GVAR Ingester data ingest software.
  • Dartcom MacroPro automatic processing software to automatically enhance, mask, print, animate, reproject and create products from ingested GVAR data.
  • Dartcom iDAP display and processing software offering facilities such as image enhancement, product creation, projection transformation, land and sea masking, printing and exporting.
  • Ideal for aviation weather information systems, storm warning systems, forecasting, agriculture, oceanographic studies, and environmental and meteorological programmes.