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Acquisition, processing and display systems for LRIT and HRIT data from EUMETCast, MSG, GOES, MTSAT, COMS-1 and Electro

The Dartcom LRIT/HRIT systems receive, archive, display and process digital LRIT and HRIT data from EUMETCast*, MSG direct broadcast*, GOES, MTSAT, COMS-1 and Electro services. LRIT and HRIT data is an important source of information for nowcasting, numerical weather prediction, climate monitoring and research. The latest imagery is available as frequently as every 15 minutes. Coupled with the high quality and wide range of data available, major improvements in the forecasting of severe weather are possible.

->EUMETCast hardware

->MSG, GOES, MTSAT, COMS-1, Electro hardware

->Dartcom XRIT Ingester software

->Dartcom iDAP/MacroPro software

->Service availability and requirements

Multi-plane HRIT image of northern Africa

Section of a multi-plane MSG HRIT image composed of VIS006 (0.6μm), VIS008 (0.8μm) and IR108 (10.8μm) bands showing northern Africa

HRV image showing thunderstorms over southern Italy

Section of a single-plane MSG high-resolution visible (HRV) image showing a group of thunderstorms over southern Italy

The types of data available include:

  • High-resolution digital images with up to 12 spectral bands and up to 1km spatial resolution.
  • Products such as atmospheric motion vectors, cloud analysis, cloud height, global instability index, total ozone, tropospheric humidity and ocean colour.
  • MDD, DCP, DCS, EMWIN and GTS messages.
  • Rebroadcast foreign satellite images.

Dartcom offers systems for EUMETCast (Ku-band and C-band) and MSG direct broadcast, GOES and MTSAT (L-band) comprising:

  • Dish antenna and LNB/downconverter.
  • DVB receiver for EUMETCast, or USB LRIT receiver or combined LRIT/HRIT receiver rack for MSG direct broadcast, GOES, MTSAT, COMS-1 and Electro.
  • Dartcom XRIT Ingester software to automatically acquire, decrypt, decompress, archive and output LRIT and HRIT data in real time.
  • Dartcom MacroPro automatic processing software to automatically enhance, mask, print, animate, reproject and create products from ingested LRIT and HRIT data.
  • Dartcom iDAP display and processing software offering facilities such as image enhancement, product creation, projection transformation, land and sea masking, printing and exporting.

For a complete turnkey solution Dartcom can also supply the computer hardware and provide installation services and training courses.

* Reception of data from EUMETCAST and MSG direct broadcast requires the purchase of an annual licence from EUMETSAT – click here for details.