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Dartcom is one of the leading manufacturers and integrators of weather satellite and remote sensing ground stations worldwide.

We are a partnership of dedicated, experienced hardware engineers, software engineers and support staff. With over 27 years of experience in the field we provide our customers with low-cost, high-quality, innovative solutions for satellite data ingest and processing in land-based, marine and portable environments.


  • Dartcom offers a wide range of products covering the following types of satellite data:
  • X-band EOS data from Terra, Aqua, Suomi-NPP and FengYun-3 polar-orbiting satellites.
  • HRPT data from the NOAA series of polar-orbiting satellites.
  • AHRPT data from the Metop series of polar-orbiting satellites.
  • DMSP data from the DMSP-5D series of polar-orbiting satellites.
  • LRIT/HRIT data from EUMETCast, MSG direct broadcast, GOES, MTSAT, COMS-1 and Electro geostationary satellites.
  • GVAR data from the GOES series of geostationary satellites.

Design and manufacturing

Dartcom develops its own advanced hardware and software in-house, as well as integrating key components from other specialist manufacturers. All our products are designed for maximum performance, reliability and ease-of-use.

Our software provides an extensive range of ingest, display and processing facilities such as archiving, calibration, animation, map overlays, reprojection, enhancement, masking, formula-based product generation and output of data in commonly-used third-party file formats.


Dartcom supplies systems to professional and educational markets worldwide. We have a network of distributors covering specific areas including Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, South Africa, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.


We provide training and support directly or through our distributors and operate a popular website containing news, product information, technical support and software updates, plus a Dartmoor webcam and weather station.