Weather Station

Below are various readings and graphs from the weather station at Dartcom, 50.57°N, 3.94°W (SX 628770), 369 metres (1,210 feet) above sea level on Dartmoor. They are updated every 30 minutes and this page will refresh automatically every 5 minutes.

Friday 15th November: The weather station is back online! 14 years of Dartmoor weather had taken its toll on the equipment, causing the temperature/humidity and wind sensors to fail, so these have now been replaced.

Wednesday 20th November: We've upgraded the rain collector with a new Davis AeroCone and lowered its position on the mounting pole, both of which should improve the accuracy of rainfall readings!

DateTimeRainfall (mm)Wind Chill (°C)Highest Gust (kts)
Temperature (°C)Dewpoint (°C)Humidity (%)Pressure (mbar)Wind Direction
Temperature (°C, hours)Dew Point (°C, hours)
Pressure (mbar, hours)Wind Direction (direction, hours)
Wind Speed (kts, minutes)Wind Gust (kts, hours)
Rainfall Rate (mm/h, hours)Cumulative Rainfall (mm, hours)

Please note the data may not be completely accurate and we cannot accept liability for anything that happens as a result of using this data for anything. For those interested we use a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station with sensors in an open position well away from buildings. We use Ambient Weather's Virtual Weather Station software to generate the graphics above and upload them to the website automatically.