Parabolic reflector, scalar feed horn and X-Band LNB
Parabolic reflector, scalar feed horn and X-Band LNB

Scalar feed horn and X-Band LNB
Scalar feed horn and X-Band LNB

DVB-S2 demodulator
DVB-S2 demodulator


  • Glass-fibre reinforced precision compression moulded polyester parabolic reflector with eight segments.
  • Galvanised steel azimuth/elevation mount and pedestal.
  • Scalar feed horn with adjustable polarisation (LHC or RHC).
  • X-Band LNB.
  • Optional X-Band filter if co-sited with X-Band weather radar.
  • Up to 50m of Ecoflex 10 50Ω co-axial cable.


  • DVB-S2 demodulator.
  • Fully compliant with GK-2A downlink specifications.
  • Monitoring and control via front panel or web interface.
  • Data output via gigabit Ethernet.

Ingest and visualisation PC

  • 8-core processor and 16GB RAM.
  • Dedicated graphics with support for multiple monitors.
  • Storage configurable according to customer requirements.
Parabolic reflector specifications
  3.7m antenna 4.5m antenna
F/D ratio 0.37 0.3
Gain @ 8200MHz 47dBi 49dBi
Polarisation Circular Circular
G/T @ 5° elevation 26.7dB/K 28.5dB/K
Survival wind 201km/h (109kt) 201km/h (109kt)
Scalar feed horn and X-Band LNB specifications
Feed type Scalar horn
Polarisation LHC or RHC (adjustable)
Noise figure 0.6dB typical
RF input 7750–8400GHz
LO frequency 6950MHz
IF output 800–1450MHz
Gain variation ±0.4dB maximum within 30MHz, ±3dB over band
Conversion gain 60dB typical
Image rejection >40dB
Input/output impedance 50Ω
LNB input interface WR-112 waveguide flange
Output connector 50Ω N-type female
Output 1dB comp. point +15dBm minimum
LO type Internal PLL locked to TCXO
LO stability ±1ppm (–20°C to +70°C)
Power input 12–24V DV @ 190mA typical (via IF output cable)
Temperature range –40°C to +80°C operational
Demodulator specifications
RF input frequency 950–2150MHz
RF input signal range –70dBm to –20dBm
RF input connector 75Ω F-type
Symbol rates 500ksps to 110Msps
Demodulation and decoding Automatic detection of modulation and FEC type
Outputs RJ45 gigabit Ethernet for monitoring and control, RJ45 gigabit Ethernet for data
LNB DC power feed 13.5V/18V @ 450mA, switchable, short circuit protected
Power input 100–240V AC 50–60Hz @ 35VA/25W
Form factor 19”×1U rack mount
Dimensions (W×H×D) 483×44×470mm
Weight 5.5kg
Temperature range 0°C to 50°C operational

Antenna Requirements