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Dartcom iDAP software
Dartcom iDAP software

Dartcom MacroPro automatic processing setup window
Dartcom MacroPro automatic processing setup window

GeoTIFF importer window
GeoTIFF importer window

Integrated display and processing software for satellite imagery and meteorological data with automatic importer and macro processor.

The Dartcom iDAP software allows images, charts and animations produced by all Dartcom ingest systems to be displayed and processed in one unified program. MacroPro automates the powerful import, processing and output facilities provided by iDAP.

iDAP includes a wide range of professional yet easy-to-use facilities for displaying, processing, printing and exporting satellite imagery and meteorological charts.

Dartcom’s own purpose-built image and animation technologies efficiently support huge image sizes and smooth, high-quality animations with fast updates and editing facilities.

MacroPro allows processing macros to be run on images and charts automatically when new data is ingested or imported.

Key features of iDAP and MacroPro include:

  • Handling of HRPT, AHRPT, DMSP, Terra, Aqua, Suomi-NPP, JPSS, FY-3, LRIT, HRIT and UHRIT data.
  • Automatic reloading of open files as new data is received by ingest systems or produced by MacroPro.
  • Image enhancement with histogram-adaptive profiles.
  • Creation of numerical products and textual classifications such as SST, NDVI, NDSI, cloud height, cloud temperature and rainfall rate, with built-in formula programming language.
  • Transformation of images to cartographic map projections such as Mercator and Polar Stereographic, including mosaic facility.
  • Blue Marble and DEM masking with blending, tinting and slicing.
  • Creation of map overlays and vector features such as points of interest and storm or vessel tracks, with labels and range rings.
  • Exporting to JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, CSV, PCI Geomatica, ERDAS IMAGINE, ENVI/IDL, GeoTIFF, EPS level 0 and NOAA level 1B.


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