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Dartcom iDAP software
Dartcom iDAP software

Dartcom MacroPro automatic processing setup window
Dartcom MacroPro automatic processing setup window

Integrated display and processing software for satellite imagery and meteorological data with automatic macro processor.

The Dartcom iDAP software allows images, animations and charts received by all Dartcom ingest systems to be displayed and processed with one fully-featured program. The Dartcom MacroPro software automates the powerful facilities provided by iDAP.

iDAP includes a wide range of professional-quality facilities for displaying, processing, printing and exporting images without compromising ease-of-use or accessibility. Dartcom’s own animation technology provides smooth, high-quality, fast-updating animations with editing facilities.

MacroPro allows processing macros to be set up and run on images automatically when new data is received by their associated ingest system.

Features of iDAP and MacroPro include:

  • Handling of HRPT, AHRPT, DMSP, LRITHRIT and GVAR data.
  • Windows 10 and 64-bit compatible.
  • Creation of formula-based products such as SST, NDVI, NDSI and cloud height.
  • Cartographic reprojection with masking, slicing to extract clouds, and mosaic creation.
  • Blue Marble and DEM masking.
  • Comprehensive processing facilities such as enhancement, sharpening and edge extraction.
  • Exporting to PCI Geomatica, ERDAS IMAGINE, ENVI/IDL, GeoTIFF, EPS level 0, NOAA level 1B and other formats.


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