HimawariCast antenna
HimawariCast antenna


  • Antenna – various sizes available to suit different locations, or customers can source their own locally.
  • Receiver – PCIe internal DVB-S2 receiver card.
  • Ingest and visualisation PC – running Dartcom Geostationary Ingester and Dartcom iDAP/MacroPro software. Customers can either supply their own PC, or for a turnkey solution Dartcom can supply a PC fully set-up and tested.

Dartcom can also provide on-site installation and training services.


  • Fully automatic reception, decryption, decompression, archiving, output and processing.
  • Multi-threaded software for optimum timeliness and accelerated processing.
  • Proven, robust, reliable hardware and software, with installations all over the world in all climates, temperatures and environments.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software diagnostics at all levels, with on-screen and email alarms, and full logging if required.
  • Full technical support and regular software updates.


  • Dartcom Geostationary Ingester – provides automatic ingest, archiving and output of images and other data.
  • Dartcom iDAP – provides a wide range of image manipulation and processing facilities such as animation, enhancement, RGB products, palette products, reprojection, masking, printing, archiving and exporting to third-party file formats.
  • Dartcom MacroPro – automates the image processing facilities provided by iDAP, with full logging and alarms.