Dartcom XRIT Ingester software
Dartcom XRIT Ingester software

Dartcom iDAP software
Dartcom iDAP/MacroPro software

AMI (Advanced Meterological Imager) spectral bands
Type  Central
Resolution Special
Visible 0.470µm 1km Blue
  0.511µm 1km Green
  0.640µm 500m Red
Near infra-red 0.865µm 1km  
Short wave 1.380µm 2km  
infra-red 1.610µm 2km  
Medium-wave 3.830µm 2km  
infra-red 6.241µm 2km Water
  6.952µm 2km vapour
  7.344µm 2km  
Thermal 8.592µm 2km  
infra-red 9.625µm 2km  
  10.403µm 2km  
  11.212µm 2km  
  12.364µm 2km  
  13.310µm 2km  


The system comprises the following main components:

  • Antenna – prime focus parabolic dish, 3.7m or 4.5m diameter depending on location (see Antenna Requirements) with scalar horn feed and X-Band LNB. Optional X-Band filter if co-sited with X-Band weather radar.
  • Receiver – DVB-S2 demodulator with Ethernet data output.
  • Ingest and visualisation PC running Dartcom Geostationary Ingester and Dartcom iDAP/MacroPro software. Supplied fully set-up and tested for a turnkey solution.

Dartcom can also provide installation and training services.


  • Direct reception of UHRIT data from the GK-2A satellite.
  • Eliminates the need for a costly high-bandwidth, high-reliability internet connection to KMA/NMSC to receive data via FTP, which in any case is available only to national meteorological offices.
  • Provides more resilience during severe weather events which can cause failure of telecommunications infrastructure.
  • 16 spectral bands with high spatial resolution – 500m or 1km for visible and near infra-red, 2km for infra-red.
  • Fast imaging and frequent updates – full disks of all 16 bands are scanned and transmitted within 10 minutes, every 10 minutes.
  • Fully automatic reception, decryption, decompression, archiving, output and processing.
  • Proven, robust, reliable hardware and software.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software diagnostics at all levels, with on-screen and email alarms, and full logging if required.

Please note that a decryption key is required to receive GK-2A UHRIT data. Customers must apply for one from KMA/NMSC.


  • Dartcom Geostationary Ingester – provides automatic ingest, archiving and output of UHRIT data.
  • Dartcom iDAP – provides a wide range of image manipulation and processing facilities such as animation, enhancement, product creation, reprojection, masking, printing and exporting to third-party file formats.
  • Dartcom MacroPro – automates the image processing facilities provided by iDAP.