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HRPT/CHRPT Grabber importer window
HRPT/CHRPT Grabber importer window

HRPT sub-sampler window
HRPT sub-sampler window

PCI Geomatica exporter window
PCI Geomatica exporter window

NOAA level 1B exporter window
NOAA level 1B exporter window


  • Importing of legacy HRPT, CHRPT and SeaWiFS data ingested using the Dartcom HRPT/CHRPT Grabber software.
  • Importing of HRPT data in Dundee standard raw format.
  • Importing of HRPT data in Quorum standard raw format.
  • Editable satellites database including facilities for adjusting calibration constants and swathe angles.


  • Sub-sampling of HRPT, AHRPT, DMSP, CHRPT and SeaWiFS data to produce calibrated, navigated iDAP image documents.
  • Single plane or multi-plane (false colour) images.
  • Selection of an area to sub-sample with latitude/longitude read-outs to assist.
  • Sub-sample factor variable between 1:1 and 1:32.
  • Automatic or manual 8-bit reduction parameters with statistical analysis graphs and calibrated read-outs to assist.
  • Image enhancement with adjustable profile.
  • Creation of map overlays and grid lines.
  • Repair of missing image data if required.
  • Full-resolution display of sub-sampled images.
  • Overlay nudge facility to correct navigation errors.
  • Adjustable satellite swathe angle if required.
  • Editing of calibration constants with import and export facilities.


  • Exporting of raw HRPT, AHRPT and DMSP data to PCI Geomatica, ERDAS IMAGINE, ENVI/IDL and GeoTIFF formats, reprojected to standard map projections, with solar zenith and azimuth angle, nadir to pixel angle and satellite inclination for each pixel.
  • Exporting of raw AHRPT data to standard EPS level 0 format with product filtering.
  • Exporting of raw HRPT data to standard NOAA level 1B format with full support for versions 1, 2 and 3, adjustable packing and byte order, and date-stamped or custom file naming.
  • Exporting of raw HRPT and CHRPT data to other raw formats including standard raw, HRPT level 0 and legacy Dartcom raw (as used by the Dartcom HRPT/CHRPT Grabber software) with adjustable headers and byte order, and date-stamped or custom file naming.
  • Exporting of raw SeaWiFS data to SeaWiFS level 0 format for use with the SeaShark processing software, with standard or custom file naming.
  • Exporting of ancillary HRPT data including NORAD two-line elements, TBUS data, DCS and TIP, with date-stamped or custom file naming.

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