1.25m parabolic dish antenna
1.25m parabolic dish antenna

Integrated feed/downconverter
Integrated feed/downconverter

Dartcom USB receiver
Dartcom USB receiver for GK-2A LRIT and GOES HRIT


  • Powder-coated solid aluminium 1.25m parabolic reflector.
  • Powder-coated steel azimuth/elevation mount and pedestal.
  • Integrated feed/downconverter with weatherproof O-ring sealed machined case.
  • Up to 100m of RG213 50Ω co-axial cable.


  • High-quality, low-cost receiver supporting GEO-KOMPSAT-2A (GK-2A) LRIT and GOES HRIT transmissions.
  • Housed in a sleek, compact, durable extruded aluminium case.
  • USB interface for fast, reliable data transfer to the host computer.
  • Fully software controlled, with detailed status reports available.
  • Built-in time-stamped fault logging.
  • 20-LED real-time signal level display for easy dish alignment and operational signal monitoring.
  • Status LEDs for LNB power, signal lock, USB ready, control communications, data buffer status and frame synchronisation.
  • Adjustable RF attenuator to accommodate LNB signal inputs between –15dBm and –75dBm.
  • Supports QPSK and BPSK demodulation.
  • Built-in hardware Viterbi decoding.
  • Supplies power to the downconverter via the RF input.
  • Supplied with external 100–240V AC switch mode PSU.
  • DC–DC converter PSU also available for battery or portable operation (input 10.6–15V DC).
Parabolic reflector specifications
Reflector type Prime focus parabolic
Reflective material Solid aluminium, powder-coated
Reflector diameter 1.25m
F/D ratio 0.38
Gain 24.0dBi
Polarisation Linear
G/T @ 5° elevation 2.2dB/K
Wind speeds 112km/h (60kt) operational
201km/h (109kt) survival
Feed and downconverter specifications
Feed type PCB patch IFD
Polarisation Linear
RF input 1691MHz ±25MHz
LNA noise figure 1.2dB typical
Pre-LNA filter 3-pole, –3dB ±60MHz
Total gain >50dB
LO frequency 1553.5MHz
RF output 137.5MHz ±25MHz
Receiver specifications
RF input frequency 135–144MHz (1688.5–1697.5MHz from a 1691MHz to 137.5MHz LNB)
Frequency resolution 5kHz
RF input connector 50Ω BNC
RF input level –15dBm to –75dBm
Symbol rates 64ksps to 1024ksps
Viterbi decoding ½, K=7, G1=171, G2=133
Demodulator modes QPSK, BPSK
Data encodings NRZ-S, NRZ-M, NRZ-L
Digital interface USB port
Power requirements 15V DC @ 2A
LNB power 14–15V DC nominal @ 0.75A via RF input
PSU External switch mode, input 100–240V AC 47–63Hz @ 1.2A
Dimensions (W×H×D) 175×60×240mm
Weight 1.7kg (including PSU)