Dartcom regularly releases new versions of software and documentation to add new or improved features and fix any problems which have been reported. The latest versions are available here for customers to download.

Note: Please save the files in your Downloads folder before opening or running them.

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You must obtain new licence keys from Dartcom before installing software updates otherwise your software may not work afterwards. Please create a support ticket to request your new licence keys.

DownloadDate PostedVersionSize
Polar Orbiter Ingester software update
Read the Release Notes for more information. Please request new licence keys before installing this update.
February 27th4.1i7.2MB
Dartcom Licence Manager updateFebruary 27th2.2d4.1MB
Security device driver
Latest driver for the security device used by Dartcom software.
January 31st7.9016.0MB
Dartcom Polar Orbiter Ingester software user guide
Reference manual for the Dartcom Polar Orbiter Ingester software in Adobe PDF format, for printing or on-screen reading.
March 5th1.6MB